“The lovable blessing of the god is WOMEN”


    “The lovable blessing of the god is WOMEN”
    The uniqueness of this wonderful creature is unmatchable.The entire universe owe themselves to her for keeping them intact.The support, encouragement , love, concern what the other half get from her is not compared to her.Gone are the days when women used to be called a epitome of sacrifice , who gives away herself for the sake of family especially to the male counterpart. The situation has seen a sea change.
    The changing phase of WOMEN ,is a blessing to all those who have been subdued and suppressed all these years in the name of culture, tradition, and respect. The women are no more a object to be referred as a show piece or a second fiddle to the men .
    Today women have gone ahead in all the arenas.The sacrificing nature of her has become a GO GETTER, the subdued nature has invited the COMPETATIVE nature in her, the second fiddle has made her a great ACHIEVER. The aura of women to do , to dream and to make it possible because of her determination and willpower has to be respected and supported. She alone can be a WINNER without the support of anybody. The only thing she expects is the SPACE which she requires to prove herself Everyday is a CHALLANGE for her, she has been proving herself best in her work be it a mother, a sister, a wife a boss or a ruler. The underestimation of her strength is being subjected always in terms of suppressing and humiliation, but every time she has stood the test of time and proved her mantle. …
    Its high time we give her the DUES if not she has grown so powerful that she has all the ability to SNATCH away what she deserves without anybody’s mercy .
    Happy women’s day to all the beautiful souls out there.Lets make our life worth in all way.