InterFACE-01 Dr CG Besturmath

InterFACE-01 Dr CG Besturmath


An exclusive interview of personalities of mysuru city, who have done a commandable job for the development of the city in their respective area .
This section will feature such individuals from different walks of life

The city of Mysore has seen a different and tremendous change from past 3 years.
The city got completely a new facelift in The clean city tag is not a easy and overnight effort , but rigorous effort and sweat of various persons have gone in making so.
And one such individual who had played a important role is the former commissioner of MCC ,Dr CG Besturmath .
An excerpts of the interviews where he shares his previous work, his ideas and future plans for making our namma mysuru, a eco friendly city to live in

MM: How did the responsibility of MCC came on your Shoulder ?
Dr CG Besturmath .: I was the MUDA commissioner, basically with archeological background who had idea of making the place to be put up on the global map.During my tenure I gave my best and saw that UNESCO recognises world heritage sites from our state .And 3 sites, Halebeedu belur  , Srirangapatna tippu site, and Bijapur  it was listed in the tentative list  .Later, it was the confidence of the CM , Siddaramaiah , who made me take up the Herculan task after MUDA , which came to me as a blessing in disguise
And landed up as the commissioner for MCC

MM: How was the scenario of the city then,.

Dr CG Besturmath .: The city had many drawback . There were few corporaters who didn’t wanted me to be posted there.A delegation met the CM with a request not to post me as commissioner , but things proved otherwise and at the end the mantle was passed on and took it up as a challenge to deliver the best

MM: Tell us something about the work especially with the team,

Dr CG Besturmath .: I completely believe in taking the team together.With around 1300 employees in the MCC , including administrators, corporaters, workers .It was not easy to build a team.But thanks to the cooperation of all members who stood by me in all my plans and cooperated it in executing it which was well received by the public in making our city a cleaner one.
The credit goes to all , I just took the lead.

MM: You are recognised as Clean city Mysore Betsurmath, how did it happened to you

Dr CG Besturmath .: During my tenure , I initiated many plans to beautify the city.I had well cooperation from my team. The visits to the wards for inspection, clearing the flexes, solid waste management, banning of plastic were the prominent goals which was set up. The task was supported by the ward corporaters and swift action was taken which resulted in a positive outcome.The number of NGOs, Public forums , educational institutions supported our cause and hence we could make it for the title of clean city twice .I really appreciate the efforts of all who stood by us

MM: What were the hindrances you faced

Dr CG Besturmath . : I wouldn’t call it a hindrance but yes there were many loopholes in the administration which was to be fixed.The  2 consecutive mayor’s lingappa and Byrappa were open minded individuals who supported me in all ideas , They too took up the uphill task in making our city as a best example for a cleaner city.The team building activity inside the MCC, motivating our officials, educating the masses about the abhiyan was undertaken in a rigorous way in all wards . the local administrators too helped in spreading the messages by doing activities which was command able.

MM: What are new iniatives were taken during your tenure in MCC

Dr CG Besturmath .: The first thing on my mind was to retain the clean city tag.In order to do so many new plans were taken to make our city a eco friendly one.And one such was the collection of garbages from doorsteps, recycling of plastics, awareness camps in schools, including government offices to do cleanliness drive at regular intervals .This was very well supported by the media houses.They stood by us in identifying and guiding us in many way which went a long way for our growth too.
The TRIN TRIN project was also initiated during my tenure which is resulted today.

MM: Now holding a new responsibility in JSS group of institutions what lies ahead for your future,

Dr CG Besturmath .: After laying down my office from MCC, I still continue to work for the benefit of the city in my own way .I have been in panels regarding the Mysore city campaigns, have been guiding the officials in making and executing major projects which is beneficial for our  city.Even in the JSS institutions I have  taken up educating the 80000 plus pupils regarding the environmental concerns .


Dept of MCJ University of Mysore