US submits world’s fastest supercomputer “Summit”


    Day by day the race for technological advancement is getting hoter. Most of developed nations are aiming to become number one in terms of technological advancement. Developing faster computing systems for scientific innovation, storage of data, national security tasks and also for development of Technology is not an easy task. This time it’s US again to beat the China in this regard. US once again and uncovers world’s most powerful Computer.

    Summit or OLCF-4 Supercomputer which was developed by IBM is regarded as fastest Supercomputer in the world so far. It will be used at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Summit is supposed to provide performance of 200,000 trillion calculation per second. This means million times faster than our regular laptops.

    It is said that the machine consists of 4608 servers and connected gear takes up the space of two tennis courts and it weighs more than a large commercial aircraft. Most importantly it is designed to deal with AI applications, machine learning as well as neutral networks. This will be capable of calculating 3 billion billion accurate calculations per second! The laboratory stated that Summit will provide its aid in knowing human health problems deeply through its application.

    Thus Summit flaps China’s Sunway by TaiHui light Supercomputer and becomes Hercules in large scale computing. There are many fields which Summit can work through and help in solving crucial problems. But the exact application will be started by 2020.